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...I've lived with crooked upper teeth my whole life. I never showed my teeth in any photos. For my wedding, Dr. Todd Messite recommended a conservative treatment of only four veneers. Thank you Dr. Todd and thank you Messite Dental! I now smile all the time and have gotten unbelievable compliments for my beautiful smile. 
- HA, New York, NY 12/16/2015

… wonderfully caring man who can creatively save ANY tooth… and has a talented son who is a wiz at cosmetic dentistry. He has learned everything from his father…
- GMA, New York, NY, 9/16/2014

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All new patients receive a complementary one-hour consultation with on of our dentists to establish a personalized care plan

...Norman is the best there is! When I lived in England, there were times I needed the services of a dentist for emergency – I went to see a local dental office and they were amazed at the magnificent beauty and superb craft of Dr. Messite’ s work.  I can honestly say that at 58, the beauty of my smile is all attributed to Dr. Norman Messite.  I truly admire and love him.  He is so caring.  Dr. Todd, his son has learned from a master.  If you need a dentist, they are the best in NYC and possibly the world.
- RKS, London, UK 7/23/14

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...just went today to Messite Dental for a cleaning, checkup and x-rays and simply cannot speak highly enough to do them justice.  Their professionalism and attentiveness is impeccable and their rates are highly competitive even if you lack dental coverage, like me.  What’s more, they have a really decent art collection on the walls.
- NPK, New York, NY 4/24/2015


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